assembly of forms


hepworth, wakefield


Yorkshire school children Q&A with barbara Hepworth

Child: “Why do your sculptures have holes in them?”
Barbara Hepworth: “…by carving right through with a hole, I was able to see the landscape through the hole and see what was happening behind the sculpture and be able to put my fingers and my hands round it.”


A series of workshops intended to highlight awareness of unity with surroundings, of shared responsibility between you and the land, just as it was crucial in Hepworth’s working method.


To prompt alternative ways of viewing art we asked participants to walk with us around the Hepworth exhibition and model their own interpretation of the sculptures on display. Each participant was given a palm sized ball of plasticine and encouraged to take inspiration from form, texture and materiality. The process encouraged close observation and engagement. 


We asked that the children to consider how a 2d image might translate to a 3d sculpture and invited them to use a range of tools to create marks and textures.