“Il y a des fleurs partout pour qui veut bien les voir. // There are always flowers for those who want to see them.” ‐ Henri Matisse

New ways of seeing with a tête à tête invitation. Visitors encouraged to indulge in an alternate view, enjoy a confrontation and appreciate flowers through physical immersion.

The design is two fold and offers visitors an individual or social sensory rich experience. Subtle mosses, ferns and pockets of delicate flowers are woodland like and replicate successive growth. In stark contrast the central piece is a botanical painting. It is a mass of flowers each with their individual qualities that overpower, fight for attention, and are all encompassing.

Visitors are invited to gain low-­‐level panoramic perspectives, whereby the depth of field and palette evolve throughout the garden and changing seasons. This view elevates the status of flowers, elevates an appreciation for form, texture, colour, individualism, existence and through interaction and an alternative way of viewing, elevates thought. Clean horizontal and vertical lines cut through the mass planting. Raised planters at average human head height and body mass are encountered at eyelevel allowing the visitor to reflect, rethink and recharge -­‐ restructuring ideas of natural order.

Exiting a routine way of viewing a garden and the tête à tête confrontation allows the power of flowers to renew the body, senses and mind. A confrontation with a mass of flowers, means seeing is unavoidable. Tuning into the moment, a heightened awareness of the colours, scents and rhythms of sound has the absorbing capacity to consolidate or enhance thoughts.