pipers' peace


arras, france


During the First World War, as a symbol of defiance Pipers stepped up unarmed, to lead the front line of Scottish troops over the trenches and into the field.   

The sound of bagpipes has historically punctuated the lives of Scottish people and its cultural significance is still strong today. By taking the sounds of the bagpipes into war, the Scottish troops maintained their identity, and connection to home. The sound would have provided inspiration, motivation, unity and lament for Scottish troops and their allies. Today it is a form of remembrance for all those who served. 

The peace garden will reference familiar planting from idyllic Scottish landscapes missed by the troops and likely recalled through the sounds of the bagpipes. The garden structure subtly manipulates landform to allow visitors to physically step up, as the Pipe Major would have from the relative safety of the trenches. The (bag)Pipe sculptures punctuate the garden in a melodic pattern.

PipersPeace Masterplan