Situated on the Northumberland Coast (within an Area of Oustanding Natural Beauty) and overlooking Lindisfarne, The Lodge’s setting is dynamic and inspiring.


The landscape design takes direct inspiration from the nearby coastal strip, its constant movement, geology, geometries, materials and ecology.  The blur between land and sea reveals and conceals both structure and the organic forms of Salt Pan Rocks, this changeable strip is a haven for ecology and a pitstop for migratory birds. The black strip forms found on the sandy Cocklawburn beach translate into the linea black Basalt and buff Limestone which fade in and out of view from The Lodge towards Lindisfarne. 

TheLodge- Wind Screen.jpg

The planting is informal and soft in appearance through hardy by nature, simplistic among linear forms and boulders it is complimentary to the surrounding natural landscape.

With spaces for outdoor living and an ethos of shared use of the landscape with wildlife, the design is reminiscent of Scandinavian landscapes and living, a lifestyle familiar to the Clients.